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Control with phones, tablets, pc's & 3rd party control systems


miniBrite allows for a variety of control options.  The system accomplishes this by taking commands over IP.    Each project is custom designed by the factory enabling customers to specify the interface they require for control.  iOS/Android/Web Interfaces are available as control options.   Hard real world buttons can be incorporated into the design if necessary.  3rd party control systems such as Crestron or custom software platforms are also capable of controlling miniBrite.

Any number of lights, loads or contact closures


miniBrite's main product is called a Light Box (LB-96).  Each LB-96 is capable of controlling 96 loads.  Each load can be an LED, string of LED's or a contact closure.   An infinite number of Light Boxes can be connect together enabling an infinite number of loads to be controlled. Each output can alternatively be used to control off the shelf relays so larger low voltage loads or high voltage loads can be incorporated.  Custom system configurations are also available, so building automation can be controlled.  For example, imagine miniBrite is installed in a condo sales center and a button on miniBrite's iPad interface is touched.  From this button press, Unit 900 on the model lights up while the sales center's lights dim simultaneously and images change on a video wall showing the inside of the condo unit.  The possibilities are endless.

Millions of Colors, 255 steps of Dimming and Custom Modes

In a miniBrite system lights can be operated individually or in groups and the system can have custom programmed modes like DEMO.  A DEMO mode, for example could have a program that runs 5 minutes and changes each light’s color, dimming some and turning some on/off.  The system allows the user (via the chosen interface) to light the corresponding loads based on any custom programmed variable (Ex. price of unit, view and etc.).  On each Light Board (LB-96) a global light level adjustment is available.  This adjustment allows for all the lights or strings of lights to be set at a certain uniform level.  Each load can also be dimmed individually in order to make every space have even lighting without any guess work.  Simply install the number of lights required to light up a particular space and then dim everything in software so the model's lighting comes out looking uniform and professional.   There are many other features that make the model creator's job easier, please download the specification sheet for more details.  

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How It Works

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